Fresh Attacks claimed 300 houses and 3 Churches, leaving 1 dead in Kandhamal
| Thursday, 10.02.2008, 05:15 AM |   (811 views)

The situation in Kandhamal is getting worse again. On September 30, 2008 nearly 300 houses and 3 churches were burnt by the mob of 3000 from RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal from 7 Panchayats. The attack took place in the presence of police. Victims who sustained injury at village- Hrundangia, Telengia and Gadagura of G. Udayagiri, Kandhamal are admitted at MKCG Medical College and Hospital Berhampur. One woman later succumbed to injuries.

On October 1, 2008 the writ petition filed by Utkal Christian Council with the support of Light Foundation in connection with Orissa violence was heard in the Orissa High Court.

Nine people injured in a fresh round of pre-dawn violence that took place in Rudnagia block under G Udaygiri, around 65kms from Kandhamal on Tuesday, September 30, 2008. Two people received life threatening injuries reported Collector of Kandhamal, Krishna Kumar. Further news is awaited.

Orissa Victims narrate their horror stories:

Paul Nayak born in a Christian family told his story, “I was 4 kms away from my house when the mob came and killed my brother Gopan Nayak. We all fled to the jungles and were there without food and water for 3 days. Gopan’s wife complained to the police but it did nothing. They killed and burnt and then in heineous display took away his body part. The venom spilling attackers were shouting “isai jao; London jao”

Pastor Premanad Nayak of Bakingia, Kandhamal ministering in CNI Church in his village said, “The mob came with weapons shouting Jai Bajrang bali (Hail Hanuman) and using abusive language cursing Christians villagers. They burnt 2 CNI churches, 1 RC church and 1 Independent Pentecostal church. We all ran to the jungle. But Pastor Samuel Nayak was not that fortunate. They caught him and killed him in front of his wife. They also set his mother on fire.”

The deceased pastor’s wife went to Raikia police station. The police did not register her complaint but the only thing police did was to visit the spot and took away the skull of burnt mother. The pastor and his family are born Christians and not some Hindu converts.

Thirty four year old Pastor Suresh Digal from Jargi Vilage Balliguda accepted Christ 16 years ago. Like others his mind was poisoned against Christians and Christianity but after listening to a radio programme he choose to follow Christ. 

Pastor Suresh narrates  “We were in jungles for many days without food and water. Somehow we survived. Local police wanted to help us out but since no orders were issued from the state Government and the top brass, the policemen expressed their helplessness.”
(Christians go; Go to London)”. At this his eyes flooded with tears.

Source: EFI News

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