Sisters Launch Gourmet Food Sister-Stores Focusing on Good Food and Good Health
| Friday, 10.10.2008, 03:46 AM |   (16475 views)

Jonesborough, TN (PRWEB) October 9, 2008 -- Sisters that have a fancy for food have launched I Fancy Food, a new online eclectic food store, and 'sister' site, Fresh Approach Diet Store. At I Fancy Food, the focus is simply great food that isn't commonly found on the local store shelves. Those that are watching their figure can shop safely at Fresh Approach Diet Store where specialty foods have been specially picked for various reasons, such as lower calories or fat, or because they are high in antioxidants or heart healthy ingredients.

Shortly after launching both stores online, I Fancy Food opened a store in the historic town of Jonesborough, TN. Although the store is in a small building built in the 1700's, it packs in nearly 500 unique and different items on its shelves, and the selection is growing. The store is located at 133 E Main St, Jonesborough, TN. The store is the only one of it's kind in the Northeast region of Tennessee, featuring hard to find items, imported foods, artisan created foods, and unique specialty foods.

Suzanne Barnett and her sister Jennifer Lesman doubled their efforts because they believe all good food should be able to be enjoyed, even by those who are more health conscious or who watch their weight. Each of the two stores will feature an eclectic selection of imported, artisan, and uncommon foods. Foods at both stores are free of the unhealthiest ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, chemical sweeteners and artificial colors. Ingredients are listed for all food items on each online store.

Interactive features at both online stores will include:

  • an easy to use review function for customers to rate, as well as comment, on foods.

  • a blog for each store that is run by the staff, featuring latest and or interesting news about the foods they fancy! Interviews with artisan chefs and notable foodies will also be included. Readers can share comments and exchange information about fancy and specialty foods that are featured.

  • recipes will be posted that can be made from the products, both from the manufacturer and created by the staff - just to show that jam isn't just for toast, and that you can dress more than a salad with vinaigrette.

The sisters enjoy the browsing and learning experience as much as the taste experience. Jennifer, who left her 19 year job in the healthcare field to jump into the specialty food industry head first, says, "It goes much further than the jar with the pretty label. I love to learn about the lives and the cultures of the places that these foods come from. There's a history lesson in every package." Suzanne left her job in marketing before joining the family business and contributing her experience. She's a health nut with a gourmet appetite, and always manages to find the right answer to 'Should you be eating that?' Suzanne says "Of course! By searching out the highest quality products, any foodie can balance both habit and good health without giving anything up."

Each site has been developed with the food lover in mind - including those that want to enjoy an eclectic array of foods but assumed it was off limits. Fed up with diet food that needed scrolls for their chemical laden ingredient list, the sisters knew that getting back to basics with small batch foodpreneurs and artisan chefs would make a difference in the lives of many, not just those watching their waistline or keeping an eye on their cholesterol and heart health. At Fresh Approach Diet Store , virtual shelves are stocked with gourmet foods that most people can enjoy in moderation. Co-owner Jennifer says "This is particularly important to us because many of todays rising health concerns, such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes, are magnified in part because of the types of food that we've been eating for the last 30 years. It's great to see a trend going back to basic, yet better quality, ingredients." At Fresh Approach Diet Store, each and every food item has nutrition labels and complete ingredients present so the health minded customer will know exactly what they are getting. Many gourmet foods can easily fit in with Weight Watchers, the South Beach Diet, and the Mediterranean Diet.

Of course, not everybody is shopping with these concerns in mind, so I Fancy Food is the twin that features sweet and savory delights, dripping with decadence. Creamy Asian coconut sauces, Spanish Dulce de Leche, Greek olives preserved in a thick olive oil instead of the usual brine, and moist, dense shortbread from Scotland are just a few of the favorites. Still, the ingredient lists are as pure and whole as possible, which Suzanne says "that's the way food should be." Both stores are currently taking inquiries from independent and artisan food manufacturers.



Source:PR Web Press Release

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