Totally Blind Christian Announces Candidacy For U.S. Presidency
| Friday, 10.10.2008, 04:02 AM |   (27012 views)

Port Huron, MI (PRWEB) October 9, 2008 -- Harry brown, (not the former Libertarian candidate), announced Thursday, October 3, to aids of Senators who voted no on the Senate rescue bill, that he
is a write-in Republican candidate for President of the United States. His goal, to take on Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama. Mr. Brown states boldly, "I was getting so angry Tuesday morning, yelling and swearing at my radio, with all the talk of the bailout, and people voting for it."

Mr. Brown goes on to say, "Then, I had my morning prayer time, and God said to me, 'Harry, don't complain about it, go and do something about it!', and so, I formed Americans against the bailout, and got on the phones and said I'd go to Washington if they were serious about bailing the country out financially, but nobody called. So, Wednesday morning, I'm doing volunteer work, listening to the Glenn Beck program, and Dave Ramsey comes on, and says, 'Someone up there needs to come out and stand up on this bailout, and lead, and get our country back on a sound financial footing.' I felt the tug on my heart again, and so, Thursday after the disgusting vote for the bailout, I announced my write-in candidacy for president."

Whether you're voting by absentee ballot, or, when you go into the voting booth on November 4, write down Harry Brown as your choice for president. My name is not on the ballot, so just write it in and cast your vote for me.
Brown says, "I am running for such a time as this. My candidacy is perfect at this time in our history. The American folks are mad as heck and they're not going to take it any more, and I'm the man who will run with their vision! My opponents have no answers to changing our economy. The answer is not more debt, it's getting rid of debt and a debt based economy."

Brown goes on to say, "My plan also reforms the tax system, with the Fair tax, which gets rid of all current federal taxes you and I pay, and implements a national sales tax. It does not keep income tax cuts
in place, because the Government is missing billions of dollars now, due to unpaid income taxes. My solution, we will help state governments to adopt state fair tax plans, and help them eliminate property taxes for home owners, which my opponents don't support." Mr. Brown vows to help states get rid of gas taxes, and work with auto companies to have all vehicles run on alternative fuels, even water.

If this isn't enough, he plans to help Americans rid themselves of all personal, business, church, synagogue, mosque, community group and local and state government debt.

Brown is also pro-life, anti illegal immigration, and in favor of the double layer fence. His plan is also to help the disabled because he is disabled himself, and knows what they go through. He will get rid of the federal deficit. Brown says, "When folks see and hear what I have to say, I know they'll vote for me, because I'm where America feels right now." Brown goes on to say, "If I can get 50 coordinators, 1
in each state, we'll win every state in the country, and we'll do it by a landslide, because all my positions are where the American people are right now!"

Harry Brown wants the public to know the following information, "Whether you're voting by absentee ballot, or, when you go into the voting booth on November 4, write down Harry Brown as your choice for president. My name is not on the ballot, so just write it in and cast your vote for me."

About Harry Brown: Harry Brown, who has been totally blind from birth, became a Born Again Christian in 1978. He became involved with politics back in 1986. and has been an activist, working on different issues on both sides of the isle. Mr. Brown intimates, "Politicians have it all wrong. They want to be so partisan, and I have always said that I will work with anyone, regardless of label, as long as I agree with the ideas each person represents."

'For more information on other positions not mentioned here, please feel free to call me directly. My phone number is (810)-984-3259. You may also call (773) (572-6246. If you have any questions, you may leave a message in my voice mail box and I'll return your call. You may also E-mail me at wd8oep @'


Source:PR Web Press Release




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