The kind of change to expect from an Obama Presidency
| Tuesday, 10.28.2008, 07:07 AM |   (18649 views)

While many of the polls indicate an Obama win, there are 5-10% of the voting public who have not determined who they will vote for on November 4th.  These voters will determine the outcome of this year’s Presidential election.


We have all heard the media’s glowing promises of change the Obama campaign has wrapped itself around. Based on the voting record of Mr. Obama (in the US Senate & Illinois state legislature) and statements he has made in public (and private), it’s important to recognize what are the most likely increments of change an Obama administration could introduce to the country.  Here is my prognostication, based on Obama’s past history:


·         The nomination of ‘Bader-Ginzberg’ type of Supreme Court justices. Obama has already expressed his disdain for justices in the mold of (conservatives) Thomas and Scalia. Bader-Ginzberg is the most liberal and most ‘activist’ Supreme Court justice on the bench. She was once a high ranking leader in the ACLU. Say good-bye to any sympathy for any pro-life position.  Expect legislation from the bench.

·         Hostility towards the 2nd Amendment and possession of hard-guns. Obama’s own rhetoric from ‘95, ‘96 should be heard by all to clarify this.

·         An introduction of a ‘New Deal II” (welfare and public assistance) package which will greatly balloon government debt and liability.

·         Government deficits in the $700B range

·         Incremental tax increases with immediate tax increases on ‘the wealthy’. The main problem here- what is the Democrat’s definition of ‘wealthy’? (Historically that definition has ranged from $42K annually to somewhere between $75K to more than $250K. What is it, exactly?)

·         A national sales tax?

·         A 25% decrease in military spending (as recently proposed by House leader Congressman Barney Frank)

·         An vast expansion of federal social spending … (Obama has suggested a full range of spending ideas for his ‘big nanny’ state.) If you believe his idea of “spreading the wealth around” was exaggerated in his talk with ‘Joe the plumber’, think again. Obama spoke of “redistributed change” as a Illinois state legislator.

·         Greater expansion of government into the private sector. This has already begun with the $750B infusion into the banking system. (The dirty little secret is that there was over $100B in additional  district ‘pork’ in that bill.)

·         Introduction of the ‘fairness doctrine’ onto our airwaves, which would severely impair the public’s 1st Amendment rights. There has also been talk of restrictions of public religious programming by the FCC. Folks, all you have to do is examine past statements from the Obama campaign regarding their ‘concerns’ about James Dobson and his organization, Focus on the Family.

·         Passage or federal approval of marriage rights for homosexuals. Obama has already injected himself into California politics by urging the public to vote “no” on Proposition 8. Prop 8 defends the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman. (Little side note here: I hope Obama supporters are prepared for marriage being opened up to poly-gamists as well. Lawyers representing these groups in Utah are eager to introduce this in the courts. Polygamy is now legal in Holland.)

·         Passage of legislation that effectively would reward and legalize 12+ million aliens that have already broken our immigration laws. While we cannot afford it, Democrats are now discussing ways of giving these ‘undocumented aliens’ driver’s licenses and social security benefits. These efforts by Obama’s allies will only cheapen our citizenship and economic-ally hurt future generations to come.

·         As Jesse Jackson recently confessed (his son is a high official in the Obama campaign) - Our alliance with Israel will be de-emphasized. Based on this alone, I cannot understand why there are so many in the Jewish community that would support Obama-Biden.

·         And finally, negative reaction by conservatives to Obama proposals will be labeled as ‘racists’. (You can count on this one! ) We are already seeing evidence of this in major media stories around the country.



If the Democrats end up controlling both the Executive (Obama) and Legisla-tive (Speaker Pelosi & Senator Reid) branches of government, we will all experience the most intrusive expansion of federal government in our lifetime.  Certainly, this type of intrusion isn’t something the founders envisioned when they wrote the Constitution. They believed a balance between state and federal power was vital.


Please seriously think about whether this is the sort of change you want for your country this November 4th before voting for your President, your Senator or your Congressional representative.


James L. Lambert, a frequent contributor to and author of Porn in America, is a licensed nationwide real-estate mortgage loan sales agent and can be contacted through his website. 

James L. Lambert

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