Website Dedicated to Kids Science Offering Scholarship to Students
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Rick and Amanda Birmingham's knowledge and love of science are clearly explained in easy to understand terms for children.

Kingston, NY (PRWEB) November 5, 2008 -- Super Fun Science is awarding at least $10,000 in college scholarships within the next 12 months for eligible students (elementary level and up).

To be considered for one of the scholarships, students must complete one of the kids science programs to be launched on Tuesday, November 11, 2008. Interested students can go to their website, sign up for the program, and then get a chance for the scholarship starting next Tuesday.

Super Fun Science ( is helping parents cut down on the cost of college by offering this scholarship to those who complete one of their kids science programs. The series of kid science programs is called Dollar Store Science, and it teaches kids science in a way that is relevant to the things they are learning in their classes at this time. They can take the kids science concepts they learn in the program and use them in their classes and their everyday life.

The science series, Dollar Store Science consists of four different programs; one for each of the four hard sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science). To be eligible for the scholarship, each child must be enrolled in at least one program. The more programs they take, the higher the scholarship they are eligible for and the more chance they have to win a college scholarship. With each program, there are three different episodes (science concepts) involved.

The kids science series was developed in order to help kids take the new science knowledge and then complete a project based on what they have learned. The project can be many different things; anything that shows their comprehension. The kids can do things such as an experiment, a video or an article. Each kids science program will require a different project.

Thus far, Super Fun Science has received the backing of parents and children alike. Parents like the way the kids science programs teach relevant information, and kids like the way they make learning fun by incorporating things meant to hold their attention.

A parent whose child took one of the programs, states, "Rick and Amanda Birmingham's knowledge and love of science are clearly explained in easy to understand terms for children."

Those who are interested in science can also use the website for things other than the kids science series. They can access videos, ask questions and learn how different things work in relation to kids science.

The website is comprehensive in the way it deals with science. It is meant to be an interactive resource that children and parents can use in order to increase their knowledge about the subject.

Children and parents who are interested in the programs or about learning other things related to kids science can visit them online at

Super Fun Science was founded by Rick and Amanda Birmingham in order to help generate excitement about kids science. They use multiple resources in order to explain different scientific techniques to kids of all ages. Students of all ages have used the resources available in order to get a better grasp of science.


Source:PR Web Press Release

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