Christians hold protest rally in New Delhi

NEW DELHI: Hundreds of Christians held a rally Sunday in the Indian capital to protest recent attacks by Hindu hard-liners that have left dozens of Christians dead and thousands homeless in several Indian states. About 400 Christians gathered in a New Delhi park to pray and listen to speeches in which community leaders urged the government to do more to protect the country’s religious minorities.

Manmohan Singh faces EU ire over 'massacre' of Christians in India

The European Union on Monday ticked off Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his government's failure to curtail violence against ministry Christians in different parts of the country including severely affected states like Karanataka, Orissa and Kerala.  

Indonesia: Pastor Forced to Stop Worship Services in Home

JAKARTA, September 25 (Compass Direct News) -- Residents in North Jakarta have ordered the pastor of a small congregation to cease holding services in his home, despite a letter of permission issued by the Religious Affairs department.

NIGERIA: Muslim Extremists Burn Church Building

Muslim extremists on Sunday (Aug. 31) set ablaze a church building in the Baboko area of this city in central Nigeria’s Kwara state.

Kashmir 'peace bus' attacked

The first bus service across disputed Kashmir in nearly 60 years came under fire minutes after it started its journey, according to local media.

Howard up, up, up?

CNN's Robin Oakley: Final prime minister's question time was a clear points victory for Blair opponent Michael Howard

Pope pondered his fate in 2000

Ailing and tired in 2000, Pope John Paul II pondered whether he had accomplished what he was meant to do as head of the Roman Catholic church and wondered if it was his time to die, according to his will.

Kurdish leader sworn in as Iraqi president

Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani is sworn in as Iraq's new president, and then he and two new vice presidents select Shiite leader Ibrahim al-Jaafari as the nominee for prime minister.

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