RIGHTS-BURMA: Junta Lets UN Continue Helping Muslim Rohingyas

BANGKOK,Mar 20(IPS)-For now, the United Nations’refugee agency hasbeen given breathing room to operate in a western corner ofmilitary-ruled Burma, where humanitarian programmes offer somecomfort to the persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority.

Playboy Reaches a New Low

Playboy Enterprises [PE] recently released a controversial edition of their magazine in Mexico. The issue with the headline; “We Love you, Maria” featured the cover with a scantily clad woman supposedly resembling the Virgin Mary.

IRAQ: Fleeing Christians Face New Hardships in Turkey

In this Turkish city’s working-class neighborhood of Kurtulus, Arabic can be heard on the streets, signs are printed in the Arabic alphabet and Iraqis congregate in tea shops.

If you are a fan of talk radio, electing Democrats is a bad idea this November

There is a real possibility that if Democrats obtain firm control of all three branches of government after this November’s election, the ‘fairness doctrine’ will be enacted, and talk radio will be inexorably altered.

In the tank for Obama

For close to 30 years I have been observing politics in this country and I've never seen anything like it. The media is fully in the tank for Obama. I thought it was bad enough when people would vote for Sen. Obama for President soley because he was black.

INDIA: Three more Christians murdered in Orissa

At least two more Christians were killed today in Orissa state’s Kandhamal district after Hindu extremists this week set fire to nearly 400 homes there and in Boudh district. A third man succumbed to axe injuries on Wednesday (Oct. 1).

An influential pontiff dies

After months of worsening health, Pope John Paul II died Saturday at his Vatican apartment overlooking St. Peter's Square, where thousands of people stood vigil. The 264th pontiff was remembered as a charismatic leader and one of the most influential and controversial popes in the last 100 years.

Pope 'considered standing down'

Pope John Paul II's will indicates that he considered resigning in 2000, when he reached 80.

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