California Democrat Party opposition to Trump way over the top

Last Saturday the Democrats in California demonstrated once again their lack of both civility and class at their Democrat Party convention held in Sacramento.  In a barely reported story, out-going chairman of the California Democrat party, John Burton, stood at the podium of his party’s convention and led the audience chanting “F--K Trump” as he held his hand high flipping the bird.  This is just another example of how the political discourse in California has become so crude.

The Radicalization of the Democrat Party

Hillary Clinton, the endorsed Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, has put forth of late some extreme proposals.  Additionally there have been revelations during President Obama’s tenure in office that clearly demonstrate his own consistent opposition to the tenants of our constitution. The Democrat party (in California) has also openly endorsed the full legalization of pot which further displays the radicalization of this political party. Below are some factual points (references provided) that clearly demonstrate this radicalization.

Forbes, SI Magazines in recent issues make light, even promote recreational pot legalization

In the July 18th issue of Sports Illustrated, the magazine does an extensive article on a retired NFL running back. In an eleven page article entitled: Ricky Williams takes the high road… SI even goes at length to defend and even promote the former NFL player’s devotion to pot. They even released a movie on the subject.

“In one of the most heartwarming stories of his ministry”, Billy Graham meets a born-again Steve McQueen

Relatively few people know of the miraculous encounter actor Steve McQueen had with Christ over a year before his death in November of 1980. Billy Graham discovered the famous actor’s conversion to Christ when he was asked to meet with Steve in his California home several days before his death.

Obama’s claim of being a Christian lacks credibility

Any investigating member of the three major network news groups can check out the facts, including quotes and actions taken by Barrack Hussein Obama during the last several years. Yet most of major news groups in this country continue to bury their heads in the sand to avoid facing obvious truths.  

Obama’s “We are the slaves that built the white house” comment divisive to many Americans

President Obama’s speech last Saturday is yet another demonstration of how this President continues to promote a more hostile and unfriendly environment in this nation. On Saturday March 7th he spoke to a crowd in Selma, Alabama saying “we are the slaves that built the White House and the economy of the south.” That was just one quote in a speech where he continues to highlight dark segments of our past history.

Will Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran jeopardize American Security?

Reports are coming out that President Obama and his state department team are acquiescing to over 60% of the demands of the Iranian government regarding recent negotiations to obtain nuclear power and the subsequent access to nuclear weapons.

Christian Music Legend Andrae Crouch will be missed

A giant in the Christian music world left us last week.  Andrae Crouch, a seven time Grammy Award song writer, arranger and singer was 72 when he passed away in a Northridge, CA hospital. 

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