New Award-Winning Documentary of the Terri Schiavo Case Explores Important Issues Overlooked by the Mainstream Media

Contact: Gina Adams, 888-253-3622MEDIA ADVISORY, March 23 /Christian Newswire/ --As the fourth anniversary of Terri Schiavo's death approaches, the ethical and cultural implications of her case are still being felt throughout society. In the newly-released documentary, The Terri Schiavo Story, previously unexplored facts of the case are revealed through in-depth interviews with participants on both sides of the issue. The case remains a touchstone of controversy. President Obama recently sa Source: Adams Group

Sharing the gospel: something every Christian can do

Along with many Americans today, I am anxious regarding the future of our country. There are too many disturbing signs of a society that seem to be spinning out of control. Yet, when I return to the pages of my Bible I am comforted as I am reminded that the God of the Universe is still in control.

Second Anniversary of U.S. Supreme Court Decision Acknowledging Abortion Hurts Women

Contact: Tracy Reynolds, Media Liaison, The Justice Foundation,, 210-614-7157, 650-400-0436 cell, DALLAS, Mar. 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- Operation Outcry is excited to announce its first National Conference called Hope for Life in Atlanta, Georgia on April 16-18, 2009. Hope for Life is a celebration of the second anniversary of the Supreme Court upholding the partial birth abortion ban on April 18, 2007. The conference theme is Source: The Justice Foundation

Day Gardner of the National Black Pro-Life Union Comments on The Supreme Court's Rulings that Neither Blacks nor the Pre-born are'Fully Human'

Contact: Day Gardner, President, National Black Pro-Life Union, 202-834-0844, dgardner@NBPLU.comMEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union submits this statement regarding the anniversary of the decision of the Supreme Court/Dred Scott Case:One hundred and fifty seven years ago today Dred Scott, a black slave, petitioned the Supreme for his freedom, but was denied. In the case known as the Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Source: NBPLU

Arlen Spector: it’s time for him to go

It’s time to get rid of Senator Arlen Spector. The 79 year old Pennsylvania Senator has lost any connection he might have had with his constituents by casting two abhorrent votes in the United States Senate in the last few weeks. 

Care Net Applauds Dobson for Championing the Work of Pregnancy Centers

Contact: Kristin Hansen, Care Net, 703-554-8742LANSDOWNE, Va., March 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- Care Net President Melinda Delahoyde issued the following statement in response to news that Dr. James C. Dobson has stepped down as board chair of Focus on the Family, the organization he founded 32 years ago:"Throughout his career at Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson has been a hero to countless unborn lives. He has encouraged and comforted listeners facing tough life issues. He has m Source: Care Net

Supreme Court Concurs with The American Legion's Stand on Public Monuments

Contact: Craig Roberts, 202-263-2982, 202-406-0887 cell; Joe March, 317-630-1253, 317-748-1926 cell; both with The American Legion WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- A ruling announced this week by the U.S. Supreme Court gives weight to an argument by The American Legion against the placing of public monuments that could threaten the sanctity of veterans memorials. Justices ruled unanimously that an obscure religious group cannot use a"free speech&q Source: American Legion

The United States Supreme Court Upholds the Public Display of the Ten Commandments in Public Parks

Contact: Brandi Swindell, 208-867-1307WASHINGTON, Feb. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a landmark 9-0 decision, the Court ruled the City of Pleasant Grove, Utah does not have to remove a Ten Commandments display from a public park.This paves the way for states, cities and counties to display the Ten Commandments without fear of expensive and massive lawsuits. This includes the City of Boise.The case also affirms the basic position of the Keep the Commandments Coalition in their fight t Source: Gen Life

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