Christians must join politics to contribute to nation building: India

Isai Maha Sangh(IMS) organized its second Leadership Summit(LS) in Bhopal. It is the preparation for the forth coming 2013 Assembly Election in Madhya Pradesh. While speaking at the LS organized at Ravi Shankar Auditorium near Bitton Market in Bhopal, State President Sujit William said, “The Christians will have to join in politics to through it to extend its cooperation to build the nation in this decisive manner. The present scenario is clear that in the Hindi speaking regions Christian Socio-political leadership is very weak. We are making an effort to get more people with charismatic leadership emerge from the Christian community in this part of India.”

Stakes High for Christians in India’s Elections

NEW DELHI, May 1– With elections underway in India, its 2.3 percent Christian minority – which faced a deadly spate of attacks in the eastern state of Orissa last year – is praying for a secular party to come to power.

The kind of change to expect from an Obama Presidency

While many of the polls indicate an Obama win, there are 5-10% of the voting public who have not determined who they will vote for on November 4th.  These voters will determine the outcome of this year’s Presidential election.

Totally Blind Christian Announces Candidacy For U.S. Presidency

This is the story of Harry Brown, a totally blind 44 year old gentleman from middle town, USA. He watched, Like the rest of us did, this dying economy continue to crash and burn. He decided that it was time to do something about it, and that is to run as a write in candidate for the U.S. presidency.

IRAN: Apostacy Bill Appears Likely To Become Law

On Sept. 9 the Iranian parliament approved a new penal code by a vote of 196-7 calling for a mandatory death sentence for apostates, or those who leave Islam. The Christian and Baha’i communities of Iran are most likely to be affected by this decision.

KENYA: Islamists Attack Church In Northern Town

A longstanding effort to replace a church with a mosque in Kenya’s northern town of Garissa culminated in an attack by 50 Muslim youths this month that left the worship building in ruins.

Florida senator's aide resigns over Schiavo memo

The memo -- first reported by ABC News on March 18 and by The Washington Post and The Associated Press two days later -- said the fight going on then over removing Schiavo's feeding tube "is a great political issue ... and a tough issue for Democrats."

Offering regrets

The White House on Thursday expressed fresh regrets over last month's shooting death of an Italian intelligence officer in Iraq by U.S. troops as President Bush and his two immediate predecessors met with Italian officials and mourned the death of Pope John Paul II.

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