Battle Rages to Stretch the Legal Concept of Family in Nicaragua

A bill under discussion in the Nicaraguan parliament has unleashed a nationwide debate on the concept of family.

Muslim Extremists Go Gaga in Indonesia

A sell-out concert by controversial U.S. pop star Lady Gaga scheduled for June 3in the Indonesian capital was called off by the concert promoters on theweekend citing security concerns. This has reignited debate in the local mediaabout the clout of"extremist"Islamic groups in the country and police inactionto limit what many in the media call their"thuggery".

Israel Takes Up an Olympian Fight

A financial crisis, clashes between coaches, a case of shoplifting–forget all theproblems. Last month, Israel's judokas won four medals at the EuropeanChampionship. They now have their eyes set on London 2012.

Peru–Megadiverse, and Biodiversity-Aware

One of every two Peruvians knows what"biodiversity"means, and most would stop buying products that are not socially or environmentally responsible, according to an international survey that for the first time included this megadiverse South American country.

Taliban Seek Support‘in Rushdie's Name'

Taliban members have resorted to invoking fictitious links of academics withwriter Salman Rushdie in a bid to boost their popularity.

Breaking the Silence on Racism in Cuba

Gloria Rolando has been revealing hidden chapters of Cuban history since the 2010 premiere of the first part of her documentary series"1912: Breaking the Silence,"about the virtually unknown story about the only legal political party to promote racial equality in this country.

Native People of El Salvador Finally Gain Recognition

After decades of struggle, indigenous people in El Salvador will finally be recognised in the constitution–a first step towards recovering their community identity, which they have been denied by the state and by society at large.

Q&A: Mother Earth Should Not Be"Owned, Privatised and Exploited"

For centuries, indigenous peoples and their rights, resources and lands havebeen exploited. Yet long overdue acknowledgment of past exploitation anddedicated efforts by indigenous peoples have done little to end or preventviolations of the present, stated indigenous leaders in the Manaus Declaration of2011.

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