JAPAN: Aftershocks Hit Single Fathers

In a matter of minutes on Mar. 11, 33-year-old Hiroshi Yoshida became awidower and a single father, as the massive tsunami swept over his home inRikuzentakata in northern Japan and took away his wife and younger son.

INDIA: Kashmir Dreams of Bollywood

If films are the voice of society, then Indian Kashmir is mute, with a virtuallynon-existent film industry and the subsequent inability to nurture local talent.

Cuban Twitterers Meet Face-to-Face

"I want to meet @salvatore300 and @elainediaz2003"was a comment overheard at #TwittHab, the first meeting in Cuba of social network users. After years of being connected only via the web, the internet is now being used to facilitate real-world contact between citizens of this socialist island nation.

CUBA: Video Games Spread Despite Limitations

Despite the many limitations on access to digital-age technology in Cuba, a taste for computer games is spreading in this country, giving rise to a youthful movement that is beginning to conquer new public spaces.

COLOMBIA: 'Impunity'–Keeping the 'Black Hand' Anonymous

The film"Impunity"has only just now arrived in Colombia, although the filming was completed a year ago and it was first shown to the public in Geneva in January. But the wait was apparently worth it because the documentary contributes key elements to the heated debate on the so-called"black hand"behind many of the atrocities committed in this South American country.

PERU: Indigenous Women Weave New Community Ties

Fuchsia, green and turquoise yarn shuttles swiftly across the wooden loom Dora Huancahuari has learned to use. Together with other craftswomen, she has started a small weaving business which is helping to rebuild their lives in this remote, poverty-stricken Andean community torn by Peru's history of armed conflict.

INDIA: Kashmir in Search of Lost Culture

While the conflict in Indian Kashmir and the destruction it has caused oftenmakes the news, its impact on culture has hardly gotten any attention.

Queer Film Fest Breaks India's Social Glass Ceiling

More than a decade ago, when India's first lesbian-themed film -‘Fire' by DeepaMehta - was released, it was booed and met with protest and vandalism, forcingmany fear-stricken theatre owners to take the film off their screens.

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