BANGLADESH: Christian Convert's life threatened

Muslim clerics and neighbors have ordered the father of a man who converted to Catholicism to remain confined to his house until retaliatory punishment can be exacted from the convert.

PAKISTAN: Taliban Bombs Catholic Girls High School

Taliban militants bombed a Catholic-run girls’ school in Pakistan’s war-torn Swat Valley as part of a larger effort to subvert women’s status in society through Islamic law, locals say.

INDIA: Evidence Concocted Against Christians In Murder Of Hindu Leader

After police in the eastern state of Orissa confirmed this week that Maoists killed Hindu nationalist leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, a Hindu extremist group circulated allegedly forged documents in an attempt to implicate a local church in the Aug. 23 murder.

PAKISTAN: Pastor Suffers Police Attacks, Death threats

A Pakistani pastor and his family in Punjab province have been living in fear for months after death threats from a murder suspect and repeated attacks on their house by police squads.

BANGLADESH: Suspects Charged In Rape Of Pastor's Daughter

Police have submitted a charge sheet to a district court accusing two persons of raping a pastor’s daughter in the village of Laksmipur, said a state prosecutor.

Fresh Attacks claimed 300 houses and 3 Churches, leaving 1 dead in Kandhamal

The situation in Kandhamal is getting worse again. On September 30, 2008 nearly 300 houses and 3 churches were burnt by the mob of 3000 from RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal from 7 Panchayats. The attack took place in the presence of police. Victims who sustained injury at village- Hrundangia, Telengia and Gadagura of G. Udayagiri, Kandhamal are admitted at MKCG Medical College and Hospital Berhampur. One woman later succumbed to injuries.

Bishop wants ban on VHP and Bajrang Dal

New Delhi: Aggrieved over continuing attacks on churches and Christian community in Orissa, a prominent Christian Bishop has demanded a ban on VHP and Bajrang Dal and alleged that Naveen Patnaik government in the state is not "not even doing minimum" to protect the community.

Manmohan Singh faces EU ire over 'massacre' of Christians in India

The European Union on Monday ticked off Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his government's failure to curtail violence against ministry Christians in different parts of the country including severely affected states like Karanataka, Orissa and Kerala.  

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