After viewing the film Noah, pastor calls for boycott

A San Diego pastor is calling for a boycott of Hollywood films after recently viewing the film, Noah. He saw the film when it was released last month. Pastor Adlai Mack of the Christian United in the Word of God Church in San Diego, CA, reported that the film begins by “pretending to give an overview of the Biblical account of the book of Genesis, working its way to the 6th Chapter.” According to Mack, the film portrays Noah in an unbiblical, inaccurate and satirical fashion. Noah is shown as a warrior, not as a preacher, says Mack.  Noah even threatens family members with fights and death threats.

Take notice, 'The Blob' is back: Blobfest takes over Phoenixville July 8-10

The latest news from the website!The 17th annual Blobfest is preparing to ooze into Phoenixville on July 8 through July 10 to celebrate the 1958 cult classic film“The Blob.”Festivities will run all weekend long, with many different events and family-fun activities for all to enjoy.

Early America still comes alive in Historic Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA >> If you have grown up in the region, chances are there has been at least one school trip to Historic Philadelphia.

Welcome to Summerland: Sugar Ray rejoins the '90s nostalgia package tour

“The‘90s, in particular, is where all the barriers of music dropped. (On the radio) you heard Mariah Carey with Blink 182, and of course Sugar Ray.‘And then, we’ll get into some Alanis Morissette…’It was the time of Lollapalooza and the crossing of genres, and kids went out and bought music,”said Mark McGrath, frontman of late‘90s/early 2000s hitmakers Sugar Ray.

MAP: Find a Fourth of July celebration near you

Below is a map listing Fourth of July celebrations across the region. Click on a pink icon to find more information about an event.

Immersive 'Project Escape' in Plymouth makes you feel like a secret agent

Suddenly, it’s like you’re in a scene out of“Ocean’s Eleven.”

Montco Radio host Jeff Allen offers listeners 'straight up' jazz

Do you know Melissa Aldana? Taylor Eigst? Papo Vazquez?

STAFF PICKS: 31 streaming TV dramas you can binge watch now

Looking for your next series to binge watch? Our staff put their heads together and picked 31 TV drama series you can stream now.

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