Banned from GodTube, The Steve & Kathy Show Wins in 2008 Emmy® Awards

The Christian TV show banned from GodTube came out a winner in the 2008 Mid-America Emmy® Gala this past weekend in St. Louis, MO. Steve Gray, creator and executive producer for the show and author of "My Absurd Religion," accepted the award for this weekly Christian variety show.

Pastor's Video Reaches 1.5 Million Views on

It's not every day that you see a Pastor's video clip, spreading the word; get a million views on any one video sharing website - let alone a fairly new Christian site known as Gospeltube. Well, Bishop Lester Love of Greater Antioch Church of Louisiana has reached that mark and everyone is talking about it.

Popular Youth Web Sites Expose Teens, Tweens to Images of Violent Behavior, Substance Abuse

White House Drug Czar alerts parents to threat of online exposure, calls for stronger monitoring.

Debut Novel Unleashes God's Fury

Pamela Young's novel, "Be Still," is set in a world degenerating into moral chaos -- a world of ego-driven, self-serving people who have replaced respect for God, our parents, our peers and authority with false self-esteem and moral relativism.

'Fireproof' Shows Christian Movies Sell

'Fireproof' Shows Christian Movies Sell : Film Starring Kirk Cameron Opened at No. 4 With $6.8M in Ticket Sales

Lisa Marie Presley faces the music

As she sits in the backseat of an SUV, Lisa Marie Presley -- looking particularly goth with her jet black hair, black jumpsuit and black sneaks -- prepares for the first question of an interview with a look of dread.

A graphic version of a graphic novel

When Robert Rodriguez approached Frank Miller about adapting "Sin City," he knew he needed a great pitch. Miller had been adamant that the movies would never get ahold of his graphic novel. But Rodriguez had other ideas.

'Star Wars' fans wait at wrong theater

"Star Wars" fans will have to find the right theater before they can leave for the dark side.

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