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California Democrat Party opposition to Trump way over the top


Last Saturday the Democrats in California demonstrated once again their lack of both civility and class at their Democrat Party convention held in Sacramento.  In a barely reported story, out-going chairman of the California Democrat party, John Burton, stood at the podium of his party’s convention and led the audience chanting “F–K Trump” as he held his hand high flipping the bird.  This is just another example of how the political discourse in California has become so crude.

In most sections of California the Democrat party has politically taken over the state. Even the media is loath to report the actual consequences of this one-party rule.  Leftists have literally attacked Republican congressional meetings and threatened Republican leaders for the last several months.  When President Bush was in office, the plight of homelessness, for example, was presented non-stop by the media. In California homelessness has now skyrocketed due to many of their liberal policies. The Democrat party in California encourages dependence on big government, public housing, public insurance, food stamps and public assistance for almost anyone.  Of course there is a necessity for assistance for the truly needy, but it should not become the primary function of government. 

Instead, Donald Trump is constantly trying to promote and encourage American businesses and industry in the effort to improve the U.S. economy. As a businessman, he wants to improve the general welfare of the United States and its citizens as well as increasing employment. What can be a better way to decrease homelessness?

Yet, the media in my state continues to show their support for Democrats by either barely reporting stories that would negatively reflect their party (like Mr. Burton’s remarks) before the Democrat state convention or ignoring them altogether.  So it is no surprise to see an L.A. Times editorial headline blaring why “Trump is unfit to be President”.

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In a state that is controlled legislatively by the Democrat Party, the media, for the most part, continues to refuse to criticize incidences like we saw in Sacramento this past weekend. Sadly it seems like all forms of civility is disappearing, as demonstrated by Mr. Burton’s obscene comments and gestures last week.