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India: Bajrang Dal activists allege conversion by Pastors

Bajrang Dal Activists Shave Man's Head, Parade Him On Donkey For Alleged Religious (file picture)

MORADABAD: Hindu right-wing group, Bajrang Dal activists alleged religious conversion by Christian workers and stalled a congregation organized by India’s minority community at Kamal Barat Ghar near Jhanjhanpur police station on Sunday. They have also handed over its organizers to the police.
The right-wing group’s activists alleged that such congregations had been taking place for the past three months, and every Sunday, “a new person is persuaded to adopt Christianity for good health and money”.

Civil Lines circle officer, Rajesh Kumar, told reporters, “Bajrang Dal activists complained that a convention was being organized by some Christian pastors at Kamal Barat Ghar near Jhanjhanpur police station. It has been taking place for the past three months and every Sunday new individuals are lured. They are persuaded to adopt Christianity and are offered to convert for good health and money. The police officials have now reached the spot and probing the matter.”
“During the probe, it was found that some local residents were assembling there for prayers and there was no evidence yet of the alleged religious conversion. Those who had attended the gathering had confirmed that they were not being converted to any other religion,” Kumar added.
“The Bajrang Dal city organizer, Varun Sharma, along with other activists had lodged a complaint at Civil Lines police station. The Bajrang Dal activists had also barged into the Banquet Hall where the congregation prayer was going on. Later, police officers reached the place and took both the parties to Civil Lines police station to understand the matter,” Kumar also said.
Vinod Kumar, who had organized the congregation prayer at Banquet Hall, said, “No religious conversion was taking place here. The Sunday prayer was held for the welfare of mankind and the police are thoroughly probing the matter. No disrespect was shown to any religion. All such allegations leveled against us are false.”

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