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Sweden joins United Kingdom in denying refuge to persecuted Christians

Photo Credit: Frankie Fouganthin via Wikimedia Commons. Syrian Refugees arrive at Stockholm Central Station by train through Denmark in September 2015.

Sweden’s hostility to Christians seeking asylum from the Middle East is a matter of life and death, according to an alarming new report from a Swedish Christian organization.

Jacob Rudenstrand, deputy general secretary of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance, writes at The Stream that a recent review of 619 asylum cases involving Christian converts from Afghanistan found that 70 percent were rejected because their professions of Christianity were considered phony, despite the fact that those who leave Islam are risking their lives if they remain in their homeland..

Further, Christians seeking asylum are routinely subjected to theology “pop quizzes” to determine whether they are true Christians, on topics such as the Trinity, the sacraments, and various Christian denominations, as well as “some complex questions that not even experienced pastors have been able to answer.” Failing the test means deportation.

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