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The Radicalization of the Democrat Party


Hillary Clinton, the endorsed Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, has put forth of late some extreme proposals.  Additionally there have been revelations during President Obama’s tenure in office that clearly demonstrate his own consistent opposition to the tenants of our constitution. The Democrat party (in California) has also openly endorsed the full legalization of pot which further displays the radicalization of this political party. Below are some factual points (references provided) that clearly demonstrate this radicalization.

  • Hillary, in her bid to become President, has proposed that taxpayers fund college tuition for many families in the middle class. In a NY Times

(10/5/16) article she said: “I’m in favor of making college free … by having no-debt tuition.” Most state universities annual tuition runs from $18K per year to a high of $50K. How in the world will taxpayers pay for this, and why should they?  Taxpayers have already funded their own college tuition or have chosen not to go to college.

  • Hillary Clinton advocates abortion on demand, even now including the third trimester in which the baby has all of its body parts fully functioning. Democrats also want taxpayers to pay for this. What ever happened to adoptions?  
  • Democratic Party leaders continue to ignore the HUGE problem of aliens illegally entering this country by the multi-thousands. What the media and many Americans ignore is the huge cost of allowing this, in monetary terms and national security. Illegal immigrants are often granted government sub-sidies including food stamps, public housing, and other federal subsidies. Hillary is quoted as saying: “my dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders” (Brietbart 10/23/16). Democrats, including CA. Governor Brown, have even encouraged them to vote (by offering election ballots to all driver’s license holders) which thanks to Democrat legislators now include illegal aliens. Who pays for this? Answer: you and me.  Not to mention the fact that we do not know who is coming into this country, increasing the risk of terrorism on our own soil.
  • Under Barack Hussein Obama our federal government debt has grown from approximately $10.6 trillion to $19.8 trillion in debt (almost doubling the national debt during his two terms). This huge rise in public debt has been pushed by Obama and his surrogates, including his Secretary of State, Hillary R. Clinton. This huge debt will seriously hurt future generations.
  • Obama care was sold as a promise to cost insured families less than con-ventional health insurance, according to Obama’s own word. Instead this government program has hijacked our health care system & put many states at a loss. It has also skyrocketed costs to over 50% for a typical user. Regarding Obama’s federal healthcare program, Clinton states on her website that she “want(s) to build on the progress we’ve made.”
  • The Democrat Party has endorsed policies that have damaged industries that can provide an economic boom to our country. A case in point is the coal industry in West Virginia and other states. President Obama has continued to shut down coal plants all over the country. Democrat leaders ignore the improvements in the technology of coal energy development. The same has occurred with the oil and fracking industry. Our country has many proven resources that not only could supply our own energy, but allow us to sell oil overseas. However, the Democrat party’s long time allegiance to radical environmentalists has disallowed this.
  • Ms. Clinton has also proposed over $1 trillion in new taxes. Taxing corporations and those with a high net worth’s more will only encourage the downsizing of U.S. operations and negatively impact hiring. Why do companies in the U.S. have the highest tax rates in the world? Is it any wonder why these businesses send their work abroad?
  • Now the Democrat party (in San Diego County) has endorsed fully legalizing marijuana, despite Colorado’s negative experiences. Even leftist Senator Diane Feinstein sees the error in this. For more information go to www.MarijuanaHarmsFamilies.com .
  • Finally, the Democrat party has encouraged illegal immigration by refusing to build a wall. They lied to President Reagan in the ‘80s, promising Reagan that they would build one (through their vote approval – which didn’t occur). They have stone-walled efforts during the last 25 years to successfully stop immigrants from entering our country illegally. Clearly their own faithful voting groups (such as African-Americans & many inner city occupants) have been seriously and negatively affected by this influx of many thousands into the country. Illegals have taken blue collar work from these populations.
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While there are some good Democratic leaders around the country… the general direction of this party has radically diverged from their platform in the last 25 years. It has become dangerously radicalized in its opposition to traditional free-enterprise, capitalism, common sense economics and the constitution itself. Big government is NOT the answer to our problems here in the United States; it is now the cause of them.